Face in the Mirror (06/06/2020 @ 8:20 AM)

This morning I took a good long stare at my face in the mirror

Remembering distanced years –
past and future promises
It’s a face I’m familiar with
And have loved from my first site

I understand it
I know it’s plights
I know the struggles it’s endured
I know the pains it’s survived
I know it’s color had not always been a welcomed surprise

But it continues onward with hidden scars

It smiles with gritted teeth at the ignorance in its presence
Accepting the facts of its reality
That this face –
Just might be society’s approved death sentence

Beautiful though it may be
Is it safe for me to appreciate the promise it holds
Ignoring the threat that white men see,
The disgust screwed across their faces

No hiding behind fake smiles or pretend pleasantries

I took a long look in the mirror today
Remembering all the past experiences
Remembering the future promises
With hope for a future of color blindness…

Author Note:
Thank you for stopping by and giving this read. I truly it hope it resonates with you and you’re able to truly understand where I’m coming from because these are the times we’re living in.

Please stay safe and be well…

© 2020 | CV Davis, All Rights Reserved

Photo: Unsplash.com – Photographer Marcus Lewis