My first Day of College – SSU

Driving through Berkeley today seeing all the fresh young faces gearing up for their first day of college reminds me of my first day of college. I’m reminded of my anxiety, fear and need/want to fit in with the IT crowd.

I remember all the dorm room parties and the new roommate; wondering if I’d like her or if she would be a total bitch? Moving into a different and arranged situation. Not really knowing how and where I’d fit in was scary.

I choose a school that was considerably smaller than most colleges. Sonoma State University had a total student body population a bit over 5,000 students in 1986. The Black population was roughly .0007 of that 5,000, so if you were Black you knew all the Black students on campus, and what a mess that turned out to be, but that’s a story for another time.

I remember how strange I felt in this new place and having to learn how to survive in what felt like an alien nation, I guess it was alien because it didn’t fit my customary lifestyle. It was simply just strange!

I was young and eager to see what lied ahead of me or what would become of me. It was a new adventure and I wasn’t sure if I was up for the challenge. I guess in some ways I was not quite ready that first go-round, but I did eventually make-up for the mistakes I made so early in life. Again, a story for another time.

If I could go back and tell the young me to slow down and enjoy this new experience and learn as much as you can now because there is nothing out there in the world that can’t wait a few years, I’d probably be further along in my life.

Everything happens for a reason and I’m not sad at how my life turned out or the beautiful daughters I brought into this world. The two of them will be phenomenal and I had a hand in that process. They get to learn from my mistakes and make a better life for themselves.

I’m so proud of that accomplishment above all else I have mastered in my life. So here’s to new beginnings and new adventures, may the new college students of 2016 keep their sunny disposition, fresh-face enthusiasm, and hopefulness for the future!

© CV Davis – Author