Unnecessary Loss of Life (04/8/2020 @ 9:32 PM)

With a heavy heart, I mourn the loss of another life
A life that was ended too soon
For the ignorance of other men have no heart
They only see color and not a cause

How can we allow the lives of our brothers and  sisters
to mean less than those we fear to hate us
Why do they continue to fear us
When our only crime is the skin we’re in

My heart heaves with the pain of a nation
Strapped to my chest grieving for a chance at
A life uninterrupted, but will I see tomorrow
Or will it end abruptly, like a dream I’ve seen
behind my closed eyes

We live in a world where “Black Lives Don’t Matter”
They prove this every time they allow an injustice
So many of our people have suffered at the hands
Of ignorant men’s that my pain has no reparation

We continue to suffer a loss of life every day
No one puts up a fight when it’s a black man’s plight
They see and don’t see the injustice of a nation
It didn’t happen to them, so it doesn’t matter

Unnecessary loss of life is what has
happened time and time again
we protest and beg for an end
will it ever come when a black man
can just be a black man and live a life
free from prosecution and fear
for the skin, he’s in

Ignorance is bliss but highly dangerous
dangerous to a race that has no defense
we don’t know when it will happen but
we’re assured to be remised, with no resistance

I have lived long enough and seen enough
To know that things have changed so little
And our folks are still the target practice
of white folks looking for a target to practice
perfect aim at an unarmed victim

“Florida police were caught using mugshots of Black men for target practice. The police chief supported using said mugshots, but after being publicly flounced in the news and on social...

Unnecessary loss of life must end NOW!
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Rest in Heaven – For you are not forgotten…


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. This is a very serious matter that needs to end now. We as a nation cannot allow this type of injustice to continue. When we band together, we make changes felt worldwide. I challenge each of us to take a stand in whatever way you see fit. #Unnecessary-Loss-of-Life

Please continue to practice social distancing to stay safe and healthy. This world needs you in it to set things right with your writing.

Peace and Blessings – CV Davis

Dedicated to my domino buddy, M. Brown

© 2020 | CV Davis, All Rights Reserved

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