Rona Baby Names’ Update (04/26/2020 @ 5:20 PM)


So I’m here with an updated list of Coronavirus (COVID-19) baby names. Thank you to anyone that provided names for my list, it is much appreciated. It’s not too late for anyone of you to weigh-in with your contribution to the baby name list.

It has become more important to me because my daughter’s best friend (who is pregnant) went into false labor during the wee hours of the night so we had to drive about 45 minutes to get to her. Luckily she has her son’s name already picked out, but it made wonder how many soon-to-be parents need our help with unique original baby names. So help me help them.

Just comment on this post with your baby name that includes Corona, COVID, Rona, etc as the root part of the name. I will post the baby name to the list with full credit to you for the suggestion. Thank you.

Stay safe, healthy, and engaged!

Coronavirus Baby Names List

  1. Rona’Lisa
  2. Ka’Rona
  3. Roniana
  4. LaRona
  5. Covidonia
  6. Covidean
  7. Covidbianna Vaccine (SnowHearT)
  8. Viera Corona (SnowHearT)
  9. Maria Covidean Leigh (SnowHearT)
  10. Hera Rona Covey (SnowHearT)
  11. Wacorona (justcalmwildness)


Author’s Note: I thought I would share a bit of levity to help break the monotony of quarantine life. Please comment with your baby name to me, I will add it to the list and post it along with your user name for credit. I appreciate your help and the babies of the Rona appreciate your creativity.

Peace and Blessings – CVDavis

A couple weeks ago my oldest daughter and I were cracking jokes about how many babies are going to be born due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I mean you can only watch so many television shows, read so many books, hang out on TikTok and IG for so long, or enjoy the company of your family so much before you’ll need something to do with minimal to no talking, and that would be sex.

You heard me, SEX, which I’m sure is a favorite pastime for most couples locked away together during the quarantine. And sex usually leads to the making of little humans.

With all this excessive free time on our hands, means there is a lot of whoopie being made, which will undoubtedly lead to lots and lots of babies being born by the end of this year (starting in October 2020 and until the quarantine is lifted) through next year. All these new “Rona” babies will need names.

I compiled a starter list and I enlist you all to help expand my list by adding and posting new names that either has the root word Rona, Corona, or Covi as a part of the name.

Let’s make sure all these new members of society have names that reflect the time and era they were born into. Happy naming 😊

© CV Davis – Author