Chick Talk (10/15/20)

Chick’s advice for those that listen.

Chick Talk is the brainchild born from a conversation with my oldest daughter who currently resides in DC finishing her PhD in Psychology. She often has concerns she needs a little motherly advice about and I’m always willing to jump in and offer my two cents. I have concluded that whatever I’m telling her is helpful because she shares these tidbits of wisdom with her friends, whom I’m led to believe, appreciates my insight. Thank goodness for text messaging. It makes it so much easier to impart wisdom quickly and keep a record of it. 😊

So, let’s impart some wisdom…

Topic: Motivation

Statement/Question: I have no motivation. How do I get unstuck?

Answer: Spend the next 15- or 20-minutes meditating. Take time to breathe and focus on being in the present. You are worried about tomorrow, next week, next month, etc., which is currently out of your control. You can only deal with the now. After you meditate journal your feelings. Analyze why you’re feeling this way. Unpack those feelings and then create a reasonable Daily To-Do list. Then dig in and get-er-done!

Explanation: This is the advice I offered my daughter who is struggling to complete her dissertation for her PhD. I know earning a PhD isn’t easy because if it were, everyone would have one, so I feel her pain and frustration. She has dedicated the last six years of her life chasing this elusive goal, and she is so close, she and I, can both taste it. She just has to woman up and muscle through.

A lot of us suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time, and there appears to be no definitive cure for the downsies. It feels like someone has let all the air out of you, like a deflated balloon, and there is no energy or spark to be had. But I assure you there is something you can do that may help snap you out of your funk. Like my answer to my daughter says there’re steps to put those blues aside to address on another day and time.

1.     Mindful Meditation: It has been proven that just 3 – 10 minutes of meditation per day improves one’s health and well-being. Allowing your body and mind to join as one, and only concentrating on the breath provides the body the opportunity to slow down to be in the moment, be present.

It has been documented that mindful meditation slows the heart rate, improves blood pressure, reduces stress, and calms the spirit. So why not sit down and be still for a few minutes to reap these benefits. The beautiful thing about meditation is you can do it anywhere. You just need to be still and pay attention to your breathing.

You can find a slue of meditation videos on that range from one minute to hours. There’s a video waiting just for you, either guided, music, or tones, just pick what suits you best.

Just know this, the past is gone and cannot be changed. The future is out of reach and will be when it comes to pass. Today is all there is, that’s why they call it the present.

2.     Journaling: I find that when I’m having a hard day or struggling with a problem that journaling is my conscience telling me what to focus on or how to get something off my chest. Journaling is a wonderful tool that allows you to settle internal arguments and seek solutions to the many mysteries of life.

It may seem silly to journal at our age, but I have found it to be a very useful mechanism to work through my crap. Journaling helped me write a book, achieve my goals, and kept me focused on what’s important to me.

I love going back and rereading my entries from years ago. I often find myself laughing at myself about some of the things I thought way back when, and it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.

I often think about what my children will think when I have gone from this earth. I know they will be shocked to see some of the things I’ve done and thought as I grew up. I know I’m shocked sometimes because a lot of it seems like a lifetime ago, and somebody else’s story, but they’re all true and they’re all mine.

And for those of us that may become senile as we age, journals will be a recorded record of what you did in your lifetime. If for nothing else, it will be a fantastic novel to read about you.

There are many journal apps if you don’t like handwriting or typing. Check the Apple Store or Google Play for these apps, such as Day 1, which is a journal app that will allow you to upload videos, pictures, voice memos, etc.

3.     Daily To-Do Lists: When you have huge projects, say like a dissertation to write, I find it a bit more manageable when you break it down into smaller digestible pieces. This is where a to-do list is helpful. If you create a timeline, take pieces of that timeline, and place those pieces on a to-do list, and you can check off your accomplishments of the day as you complete them.

The cool thing about to-do lists is you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to be realistic with your list. Don’t overload it with lofty daily goals you know you cannot complete. And when you don’t complete those tasks you feel like a failure. That is not the goal of a to-do list. The goal of the to-do list is to lift your spirits and boost your confidence. Giving you a feeling of accomplishment and progress.

Your project timeline is the overall complete look of what the end product is supposed to be, which leads to another great thing about the to-do list, you can pull segments from your timeline in any order you please, because you know what the end is and you know the pieces needed to reach the prize, the end. This is what you’re stressing about so why not make it easier to reach the finish line and do smaller pieces outlined on your daily to-do list.

Conclusion: So, when you feel unmotivated and lackadaisical, take time out to meditate, journal, and make a plan (the to-do list). Give yourself that much needed mental break so you can correctly refocus your energy and get the desired results. Motivation!

P.S. I offer advice to those who ask for it.


Author’s note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. Comments are always welcomed.

Please continue to practice social distancing to stay safe and healthy. Be well. Be safe.

Peace and Blessings – CV Davis

© 2020 | CV Davis, All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Chick Talk (10/15/20)

  1. justcalmwildness

    I am definitely going to try meditating. I have been really struggling with motivation of late. I usually work for a few minutes then I get distracted. Now I often do exercise every time I catch my mind wondering.

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