Chick Talk (10/01/20)

Let the “Chick Talk” continue, which is based on advice I’ve shared with either my 32 year old daughter and others. The thought for this segment of my blog came from a discussion I was having with my 32 year old daughter, who lives on the east coast. She and I are very close and talk about everything, so I said to her jokingly, I should do a segment on my blog called “Chick Talk” where I’ll discuss life, love, and the pursuit of happiness from a Black woman’s perspective. I’ll share my years of wisdom, trials, tribulations and elation with the masses.

These entries are meant to help those that need to hear them. For those that feel they’re missing something from their lives. For those that just want plain and simple advice from a different point of view. I don’t intend to cure the world of its ills or cure a person of their misfortunes in life, but to share my experiences, ones that may differ from what you traditionally believe in. I want to share what I know and what I’ve learned. That’s it and that’s all. So here we are…

TOPIC: 5-Year Plan

I have previously mentioned that I’m a Black Woman with a lot of information and experience to share with the masses. With that being said, I feel it only necessary to share a little of my back story with y’all. If for nothing else but to prove that I am an authority on offering life advice.

I was born the oldest of my mother’s children and the second oldest of my father’s children. My childhood was not a happy one and I endured a lot of abuse in many different categories. You name it, and I was abused in that way. I grew up primarily in foster care and aged out of the system at age 18. I went to college right out of high school and was ill-prepared so I dropped out.

I had my oldest daughter right before my 21st birthday and my second daughter at age 34. Two years later I decided to return to college to complete my undergraduate degree, earning a B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Communications.

During my second go-around in college, I worked full-time for the government, two part-time jobs, and carried 18 units per semester to get done with my degree. Yes, this was all done while raising two very impressionable girls. I finished college with a 3.2 GPA and used this new degree to promote upwards within the government.

Today, I have been with the government going on 30 years. I continue to look for promotional opportunities and strive to always look for ways to make my life and my children’s lives better.

The 5-Year Plan:

Somewhere during my life I discovered the importance of always having goals. That without some idea of where you’d like to go in life, the longer it will take you to get there when you finally figure it out. It is for this reason that I have always made, kept and updated my 5-Year Plans.

The list changes from time-to-time but is a constant necessity in my life. It was my need to create and have a 5-Year Plan that helped me buy my first house, my car, finish my degree, and continue to advance at work.

This is not to say that you will accomplish everything on your list, but it’s a great idea to have one so you have some measure of your accomplishments and some measure of how well you’re doing with your life’s goals. Besides helping one focus, it holds you accountable for what you said you wanted. No one likes to look at a list and see they’ve made no progress. Am I right?

I think realistically what I can accomplish within 5-years and map it out. I visit my plan a couple times a month to see what I can check off as done, and plan my next attack.

I often give timelines within that 5-years so I have some idea where I should focus my energy next. For me, there is no greater joy than to check something off as being done. Following is my current 5-Year Plan. I hope that this information is helpful and that anyone reading this, takes this advice and make their own list.

Goals for the Next 5 Years (September 2020 – 2025):

  1. Secure an equity line of credit by the end of 2020
  2. Get my student loans in good standing and start paying them off
  3. Get moved into my other house by the end of January 2021
  4. Completely rent out my first house by the end of January 2021
  5. Get a promotion to Manager I by early 2021
  6. Get mine and my youngest passports by the end of January 2021
  7. Purchase my first rental property by early 2021
  8. Take my first out of the county vacation trip by spring 2021
  9. Pay for my youngest college, fall of 2021
  10. Get my credit score over 800, but hoping for closer to 850 by the end of 2021
  11. Help pay for my oldest college if she isn’t done yet (she’s working on her Ph.D.)
  12. Get a promotion to Manager II by the end of 2023
  13. Publish my first book no later than 2023 (currently in the revision stage)
  14. Purchase my second rental property by mid-2024
  15. Obtain a Master’s degree in writing or communications
  16. Start remodeling my first home (ongoing)



Author’s note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. Comments are always welcomed.

Please continue to practice social distancing to stay safe and healthy.

Peace and Blessings – CV Davis

© 2020 | CV Davis, All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Chick Talk (10/01/20)

  1. Great post, I hope their are young woman of ANY color reading your chick talk. Of course no disrespect to woman of color for I know it is even a harder battle for them. Much respect on your accomplishments. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome, you as well.


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