My Universe… Destroyed (04/29/2020 @ 2:45 AM)

Today, my Universe met its maker
I destroyed all the heavily guarded secrets
that I hold close to my vest, like…

How time began
The fountain of youth
The Fibonacci Sequence
Oh, what a mess

The Illuminati, is no more
The cure for cancer, is gone
and the vaccine for COVID-19
now lost to the ether

How could I have let this happen?
I knew better and yet…
I did not listen
I forbade my common sense license
and now, these answers no longer exist

I could sit around hitting my head
on an unforgiving wall of plaster
but what would that solve
when I do not know the answers

My Universe… DESTROYED by me
because only an idiot
would keep all their eggs in one basket
and that idiot is me

You may wonder how one single-solitary
person did so much damage
Well, I’ll tell you how but
you must promise not to
leak this to the press

I’ll take your head nod as a
guarantee that this stays between you and me
Okay, I’m ma tell ya
I believe you to be trustworthy

Here it goes…
My Universe… was DESTROYED by yours truly
because I broke my flash drive
when I stopped my laptop computer
from hitting the floor!


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. I laughed when I wrote this poem even though my heart has broken into a million little pieces, I am hopeful. I found a company that may be able to retrieve my data from my broken flash drive. Fingers crossed X

I hope you all are continuing to practice social distancing to stay safe and healthy.

Peace and Blessings – CVDavis

© CV Davis – Author

2 thoughts on “My Universe… Destroyed (04/29/2020 @ 2:45 AM)

  1. justcalmwildness

    I hope all works out!!


  2. Thank you. That’s so sweet. Me too. My whole life’s work is on that damn flash drive. I’ve learned my lesson. Google Docs here I come.


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