100+ Followers

Hello Everyone,

I’m so excited to have reached 100 followers on my blog. Thank you to all those that follow me. I am so appreciative. I am honored that you all find what I have to say matters, as I am also impressed by the sheer number of talented individuals I’ve come across on WordPress. You guys are so AMAZING!

This was a milestone I set for myself to reach by the end of the month (April 2020). I did it with all your help. Although I’ve been a member for some time, I did not have the time needed to concentrate on blogging until COVID-19’s quarantine, so here’s to the next 100+ followers. By the time we’re back to normal, I would like to have another 100+ added to my list.

Keep on blogging and keep on reading and supporting your fellow bloggers.


Please continue to practice social distancing to stay safe and healthy. We can beat this thing if we band together at 6 Feet apart, wear face protection, and gloves at all times.

Peace and Blessings – CVDavis

© CV Davis – Author


13 thoughts on “100+ Followers

  1. Congratulations on your milestone..
    I’m inspired.

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    • Thank you. I wasn’t sure I’d make 100 followers by the end of the month. When I started at the beginning of the month I only had 16 followers, but I grew my fan base by continuously posting content. I’m just glad other found some value or liked my posts. Just keep posting…

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  2. Congratulations Chicky ♥️ more followers to come and discover your blogs and inspired them through your writings.

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  3. Congratulations!!♥️
    How do you find the blogsphere?

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