Reintroduction to Lust (04/23/2020 @ 6:15 PM)

I burn with heat I no longer recognize
and see lust through your eyes that
has long been forgotten what that must be like

You have ignited something in me
deep and feral and uninhibited and free
abundantly taking over my emotions controlling me

I see you and my insides melt
from the heat of your gaze
I am only aware of the desire I feel deep
and the longing that I can no longer keep
contained within me

It is astonishing to me how a person can affect
another person in such away
it is unfamiliar to me
for the years have gone astray

I guess in the end I’m not as old
as I thought I would be
least my mental faculties betray me
A woman of my age should not
have these wanton desires
But what can I do to stave them off?

I have no defenses nor skills or education
that could help me defeat the passion
I burn with deeply

You have still to touch me
Yet I feel I may burst with lust
I am as giddy as a school-girl
And half restrained from the rush

Now we’ve come full circle
and I must admit that the fire
you have lit is vaguely familiar,
that which I think I might remember…


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this poem a read. I appreciate your time. This poem kind of snook up on me and caught me off guard. I was working on something completely different and felt compelled to go ahead and write this. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe and healthy… The world is counting on you!

Peace and Blessings – CVDavis

© CV Davis – Author

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