Water (11/12/1992 @ 1:21 PM)

Where I find my peace
      of mind
In the rippling waves
     of the quiet serene
Its beauty is hypnotizing
But so simple it surprises
Creating my peace
     within my inner wall
of consciousness
     Somewhere in my head
you hide neatly
     awaiting my summons
To surface
     and you give face
To your existence
     inspired you to move
By force of wind
     Resisting –
But always giving in
     to a force much greater
Than your resistance
     I can see
          I can feel
               I can hear
You are the most important part
     of me
I will never forget
     What you have given me
My world…
     For me to live!


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. I truly appreciate you sharing a bit of your time reading my work. Please feel free to comment. This poem is another excerpt from my unpublished book Portrait of Words. You may find this book in its entirety at https://wattpad.com/user/CVDavis.

Here’s to hoping you and yours are staying safe and healthy.

Peace and Blessing – CV Davis

© CV Davis – Author

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