S-P-A-C-E (March 17, 2012 @ 3:23 AM)

I worried that the intensity of your feelings were fading
That time and distance had finally taken hold
That the space between us was so infinite,

But my assumptions were wrong
My fear unnecessary
Because you made sure it was known
You were not changing or lessening your effect
But merely a bit more relaxed

I know I worry without cause or reason
You’ve not given me any need to doubt,
or that you’ve consorted to treason
I feel intensely for you always,
And each day makes this more evident

Time and distance are constant for us,
At this moment
But this time and this distance
Is a must

The space I feel is disheartening and dismal,
At best…
I feel space as much as I feel for you
I feel the pressure of missing you,

I feel my emotions getting the better of me
I just simply feel the s p a c e!


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. I really appreciate it. This is another excerpt from my unpublished book Portrait of Words. You can find this book in its entirety at wattpad.com/user/CVDavis.

Here’s to hoping you and your loved ones are safe and healthy as we ride this pandemic out.

Peace and Blessings-CV Davis

© CV Davis – Author

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