One (Recreated) (03/03/2012 @ 9:46 PM)

I sit alone
I sleep alone
I think alone
I walk alone

Consumed by thoughts of loneliness
I wonder if there will ever be a time, I don’t feel so empty
I wonder if there’s love somewhere just for me
Consumed by my thoughts…

I’ve traveled the world
Always seeking
Always searching for what’s been missing…
the missing counterpart to me
I’ve sought and searched only to realize
I’ve not found what I’ve been looking for

I continue with my destiny
I continue with my search
I continue with my thoughts
Consumed by what’s to be

I didn’t wake with a mission of seeking today
But I did take a look for a brief second, and
I see something…
I see someone…
I look deeper

Our paths crossed
Our eyes met
We saw what we needed to know
We got answers to our questions

One became We
We became Us
Our search has ended because
We became ONE…

Author’s Note: Thank you all for stopping by and giving this a read. I
present to you all another excerpt from my unpublished book Portrait of
. You may view the book in its entirety at
User/CVDavis. Thank you.
Peace and Blessings – CV Davis

© CV Davis – Author

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