The War of Love (04/19/2020 @ 11:45 PM)

I could never except your daily disobedience
as the nucleus of our relationship
You seek punishment as recognition 
for my attention, your prize
Which is never-ending,
I will not be willing to commit to your folly,
For it is uneven in measure to your actions
Meet me halfway and I may give in to your wish
Make me a believer that you can change
If not, 
I will stand my ground, poisoning our process
I offer you the freedom to turn this around 
reverse so we can adapt
Least you show remorse 
for all you’ve failed to feel to excess
I search for a compromise
and you laugh comically
Hesitant to slow the miserable demise 
of the infection you’ve caused
Foolish and foolhardy of me to think otherwise
For this love is the pebble that caused
the ripple that will end us
Back to the wall, 
I plan sharp distinguished experimental
ritualistic witchcraft attacks 
to adjust slowly to your keen efforts
to mirror my response, 
you seek a faint truce that which
is a thin polar opposite of my needs
have you considered how lofty 
and slick this endeavor may be or
how dumb you are that you 
cannot clasp this concept
I offer you good sage advice to 
governing your life here on out
I forbid us to flake-out, 
to settle for nothing less than perfection
War torn and motionless 
I sink and concede to your whims
Refusing to replay this scene 
again for your benefit
I tire of fighting, for no one can be 
subjected to defeat a black heart
Collapsed and defeated,
I resign to the fact that 
I am hard-wired to love you
Author's Note: This poem was created for the Tall-Tales 
Fridge Edition Contest in my writing book club. I hope 
you enjoy it. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed.
#CMBC #Tall-Tales-Fridge #CVDavis-Author

Peace and Blessings - CV Davis

© CV Davis – Author

4 thoughts on “The War of Love (04/19/2020 @ 11:45 PM)

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  2. Nice piece! A mother, hardwired to love!


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