Can I Touch You? (09/11/1990 @ 2:05 PM)

When I lie next to you
   I feel the need to touch you
       If only to lay a finger on you
          would satisfy the urge –
              the need in me –
                  to touch you

I could never be close enough to you
   because all I want is to –
       touch you

When I see you it makes me smile
    and when I think of you it brings dreams to surface
        and all I want to know is –
             Can I touch you?

Run my finger along you neck
    your face,
         your back,
             just your entire body –
                 It gives me such pleasure to touch you

I don’t know how else to express this desire
    but to ask this of you –
       Can I –
            even if it’s just the tip of my finger
                 I mean –
                      May I –
                          have your permission to –
                              as softly as I can –
                                   touch you?


Author’s Note: This poem is from my unpublished book Portrait of Words available in its entirety on Thank you for stopping and giving this a read. If you like please comment or give it a star. All comments are welcomed. 

-Peace and Blessings CV Davis-

© CV Davis – Author

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