Nightlight – From Ghetto Girl Rising

I fall asleep at night,
to the familiar sounds of the OPD’s birds of prey
The whirl of the blades as it cuts through the air
The sound of the engine as it scours my neighborhood
Seeking errant offenders, either real or suspected
The illumination it provides as I close my eyes to rest,
No need for a nightlight cuz the ghetto birds got me

Once our power was cut-off,
we didn’t worry tho
We got bags of ice for the fridge,
used our neighbor’s stove to cook – to eat
Burned candles in the bathroom to see
The bedrooms – no need,
The ghetto bird’s light fit our deed

You can run but you can’t hide
Hop fences
Dive into dark corners
Duck behind tall buildings
But why?
The ghetto bird has its eye trained on you
and will always see what you do

One night, on my way home,
I saw the po-po jack a brutha
While the ghetto bird hovered above
keeping them in plain sight
Lights bright
Shadows cast on grounds nearby

Blinding him

Restricting him

Demanding him to keep still

While the ghetto bird hovered above –
With its spotlight

I used to ask my mother for a nightlight
To help chase away the monsters
I feared…
Waiting for me in pitch-blackness,
NO –
Was always her reply
I now know why –

Because the ghetto bird was my
forever faithful and dutiful

Nightlight –


Author Notes: Hello to all my coming-of-age enthusiasts. Thank you for stopping by and giving this book a read. I am deep in the heart of revisions. I hope you find this story satisfactory.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on any paragraph you feel warrants it. It is your comments and suggestions that will help make this a spectacular book in the end.

Stay safe and healthy. Read lots of books for entertainment, and soon this pandemic will pass.

-Peace and Blessings CV Davis-

© CV Davis – Author

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