Microsoft Vs. Google Drive (Docs) The Results are In!

Well, I’m back with an update on the battle between Microsoft Word versus Google Drive (Docs, the software you’re really using in Google).

Can you guess who won? I’ll give you a hint –

It wasn’t me.

I’m an old dog that resists learning new tricks, but I need my junior editor, so to keep the peace, I gave in.

Yep, you heard me, I wimped out.

I finally resolved it wasn’t worth the fighting, especially if I wanted my daughter (my junior editor) to keep reviewing and helping me edit my book, Ghetto Girl Rising.

Who knew teenage girls could be so damn adamant about there likes and dislikes. I thought my age would win over her youth. Not the case in my household. She’s always been spoiled and usually gets her way. Why would this time be any different? All she had to do was hold out on her services, and she would automatically win.

I don’t know why I thought I had a chance in hell. I must have forgotten who runs this house. Who actually has the upper hand. Even threatening to withhold funds and transportation doesn’t gain any leverage these days, since she got her own job and knows how to use the subway.

For a lack of a better expression, “I’m ass out!” It was either adapt or lose my junior editor. I may not be good at learning new tricks, but I can learn to adapt when my livelihood depends on it.

Who’s house? – Your teenager’s house!

In case you didn’t know…

© CV Davis – Author

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