Give Me the Strength to Walk This Last Mile (02/14/1992 @ 3:10 AM)

Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm,
whooo, whooo, whooo – oo
I like ta humm
Ya kno it makes me feel better,
Especially when my heart is heavy
I think I’ll hmm a lil’ whle longer

Hummmm, hummmm, hummmm
whooo, whooo, whooo – oo
Yesss Lawd,
sho does make me feel good
ta humm a lil’ tune
I see so much madness in my neighborhood
Yes indeed Lawd,
I need ta humm a’whle

Hummmm, hummmm, hummmm
whooo, whooo, whooo – oo
Whew, I sho am tired.
Please Lawd,
help me walk this last mile
It looks so far ta go
My bones are weary
and my clothes are worn
My shoes ain’t barely got no sole
Let me humm fo a’whle
it really gives my heart a smile

Hummmm, hummmm, hummmm
whooo, whooo, whooo – oo
Youngins’ don’t listen now-a-days
you try and tell em’ rite from wrong
but they so head-strong
they don’t care if it’s truth
they just go do whatever they won’t ta…

Joey, Joey!
Boy don’t cha hear me?
Why you breakin’ that glass in front of Wilson’s house?
come way from there, fo I call yo mamma
and tell er’ whatcha doin’
Boy, don’t cha you hear me talkin’ ta you?
See what I mean?

These youngins’ don’t listen
They don’t even give a care
They better learn what God loves

Aman –

Yes, Jesus…
I sho don’t won’t ta walk this last mile
humph, humph, humph
let me humm fo a lil’ whle

Hummmm, hummmm, hummmm
whooo, whooo, whooo-oo
It’s so much goin’ on these days
Drugs, killins’, robbins’, and beggin’
Folks ain’t got no way out
and yet in still
we keep on treadin’

On –

Yes, Jesus…
humph, humph, humph
I think I need ta humm a lil’ whle

Hummm, whooo – oo hummm
whooo, whooo – oo, whoo
Ya know tha mo I think
tha mo I see what’s wrong wit society
We so pulled apart
we can’t do nothin’ but do wrong
Oh Lawd,
please give me the strength ta walk this last mile
I know I havta humm fo a lil’ whle

Hummm, hummmm, hummmmm
whooo, whooo, whooo
I dun finished my journey
and things sho do look tha same ta me
I don’t ever think folks will change

Just maybe –

they need ta be a lil’ like me

Maybe –

they need ta humm fo a’whle
just so they to –
can get the strength they need,
so they can walk that last mile

Hummm, hummmm, hummmm
whooo, whoooo – oo, whooo

Dedicated and written for Rosie B. Amos
October 6, 1904 – February 15, 1996 (91 y/o)


Author’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. This poem is very personal to me because the woman I wrote it for was a dear friend and confidant. She is truly missed. Rest in Heaven Ms. Amos –

Peace and Blessings – CV Davis

© CV Davis – Author

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