Portrait of Words (11/13/1999 @ 8:40 PM)

Colorful –

Vibrant –

Loud –

and True –

A picture is drawn in one’s mind to come alive
Can’t you see how it reflects upon the canvas?

You step from side to side
It looks different at every angle,
and to the person next to you –
they see a different picture than you

But it’s still the same spot you two once shared
It just did something different for them –
that I could not do for you

What do you see?
Has it touched you?
Did it force you to look inside,
and seek out the pain you hide?
Or did it make you happy,
and fill you with joy?

I have given you a treasure
to admire from afar and near

Is that the sparkle I see –
in your eyes?

Maybe –
it’s just the glisten of tears,
from pain, you once knew
Oh –
Who’s to say?

For this picture is only what you see –
that of which I share of me
My goal is to touch everyone –
in a personal way

This is how I create what I feel,
I do it with words –

To make you feel –

To see what I see –

To open your mind,
and stretch your imagination

This is my portrait –
The one I paint with words
This will be my legacy

My portrait of WORDS…

The title poem of this book


Arthur’s Note: Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. I appreciate all suggestions, comments, and constructive feedback. Please stay safe and healthy as our world heals from this pandemic.

– Peace and Blessings – CV Davis –

© CV Davis – Author

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