Microsoft Vs. Google Drive

My daughter and I argue constantly over the use of Microsoft Word versus Google Drive. She thinks it easier to use Google Drive, and I hate the formatting bar across the top of that software. Much like my feeling for the formating bar on this site. But I digress. Who’s right? I have no clue but I’m gonna use what works for me kid! Which is what my inner voice is screaming every time she has to review my latest revisions and soon after our typical fight ensues.

This wouldn’t be an issue except she’s my junior editor helping me with the revisions of my book Ghetto Girl Rising and I need her to be receptive and not challenging me over which software I use.

I think it should be the author’s choice and she thinks it should be the junior editor’s choice, especially if I want her to continue helping me with my revisions. When did teenagers get so mouthy and outspoken? I don’t remember ever being able to argue with my parents. Again, I digress.

I wish there were a simpler solution other than me learning to use Google Drive. Yuck! I want to stop fighting with her, and I want her to stop fighting with me about my word processor.

What’s a writer to do?

© CV Davis – Author

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