Ghetto Girl Rising


Topaz Marie Giles is learning she is, AMAZING! Her life is going to embark upon changes she is not prepared for, nor does she have the skills necessary to be successful. She will learn as she goes.

Black girls need to know they are magical, and they are capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds to. That this world isn’t big enough or strong enough to hold them back or keep them down. They will always arise victoriously, they are strong, they are passionate, they are intelligent, they are beautiful.

They are whatever they want to be!



Author Notes: Hello to all my coming-of-age enthusiasts. Thank you for stopping by and giving this book a read. I’m neck-deep in revisions of the remainder of this book, but I wanted to make my first few chapter’s draft revisions available to whet your appetite.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on any paragraph you feel warrants it. It is your comments and suggestions that will help make this a spectacular book in the end.

Stay safe and healthy. Read lots of books for entertainment, and soon this pandemic will pass.

Peace and blessings!

© CV Davis – Author

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